Shuswap Naturalist Club Award winner - 2018


 By the Thompson River near Spences Bridge

    Each year a Thompson Rivers University student in environmental studies is chosen to receive our club award. We are very pleased to announce that Vanessa Robinson is our 2018 award recipient, a truly worthwhile candidate.

Here is her letter:

    My name is Vanessa Robinson. I study Natural Resource Sciences at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops. I am writing to offer my sincere gratitude for the Shuswap Naturalist Club Award.

    I have worked as a tree planter and silviculture surveyor in the Shuswap, Thompson, Nechako, and Cariboo-Chilcotin regions. I was fortunate last summer to do rattlesnake research in the South Okanagan in the White Lake Basin. I am getting involved with the BC Community Bat Project, and I have conducted a few bat counts as well (I even have an old-school bat detector!). Next season, I will likely be working for Rob Higgins doing invasive ant research.

    I just became a member at large for the   Kamloops Naturalist Club. I am thrilled to be connected with this group. I occasionally write articles on their website.

    At Thompson Rivers, I am lucky to work as a Teaching Assistant in the Dendrology and Grassland Ecology classes. I do my best to invite other interested students to natural history events when they come up at school or elsewhere in the city.

   I’m not sure what I’ll do once I graduate – I’m leaving that door wide open for the moment!  

   I’m a plant person, at heart. I am interested in exploring plant-pollinator interactions, and I am currently trying to get a better handle on the process of photosynthesis. But, like most naturalists, I love birding and digging in the soil and guessing at animal tracks in the snow.

    I feel so grateful that your club raises money to support post-secondary students engaged in knowing nature. It is generous of your club to invest in future naturalists – perhaps a sort of stewardship in its own right.

    For me, I believe that the responsibility to know nature deeply is paramount for anyone whose education is leading them toward work that deals directly with the natural world.


   Hope to see you on the trails!

Vanessa Robinson

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